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Clàudia Istar

About me

The girl who wanted to be a bird...
Clàudia is joyful and optimistic. She loves to sing while she works in her atelier, surrounded by enigmatic tools and plants which she has named. She is a fantasy enthusiast, she searches the magic of the little things.

Clàudia Istar

Wear your emotions!

The idea...

Ideas are like the rain. Intangible, the inspiration is transfigured into drawings on paper.


Using traditional tools, I work the precious metal from its melting to the finished jewel.

The design...

The design process consists in creating a final sketch which takes into account the volume, the size and the materials composing the jewel while keeping the essence of the original idea.


Once the jewel has been finished, I think of the better way to protect it for its shipment in a custom packaging.

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