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Welcome couple!

If you're here it's because you want a couple of bespoke wedding bands. You've come to the right place! In my atelier, I preach the fact that every person is unique and deserves to have at least one jewel that represent them.
Clàudia Istar

The jewel that suits you
will be everlasting!

But if every person is different - like, for example, a planet - a couple is a full-grown solar system! Twisting and dancing around their affection, everything that composes their microcosmos is special.

There's a certain kind of magic into finding the person that really gets you and with whom you wish to spend your days. That's why, now that modern times allow us to marry for love, what could be more beautiful than to have a unique pair of wedding bands?

Landing on this website, you found Clàudia Istar, a specialized jeweller with a passion to find your perfect design.

Next you will find a short questionnaire for you to tell me what is your idea for your wedding bands so I can give you a personalized quotation. And if you don't have any clear idea of what you're searching for, do not worry. You only need to keep on scrolling down the questionnaire and you'll find another one, made with some humour, for me to get to know you a little bit so I can design a special pair of wedding bands fitting you both.


Gold, white gold, pink gold and sterling silver.

Yes, I've got trusted providers through whom I can get the gemstones you wish. Be it diamonds be it turquoise or any other gemstones, I can get the gem you like the most to be added to the design.

Just tell me what budget do you have available and we'll look into what can we do within our possibilities. The best part of asking for a bespoke jewel is that we can adjust to all of your needs.

I just need a dirty sketch to get the idea of what you want. You don't need to be shy about it. You can either send me a drawing, a description, reference images or all the former together.

Really, whatever! From other jewels to landscapes and abstract forms. Whichever you find that you think it defines the style you like.

Clàudia Istar


Welcome couple,

This is a questionnaire carefully prepared with the idea of getting to know you a bit and also allow me to think of a unique design for your wedding bands that will fit your likings and lifestyle.

Don't be nervous, there's no definitive design until you've given your final approval.

Aside from the questionnaire, I'll also ask for you to send me a picture of you both. This picture will help me get inspired so I can create your ideal wedding bands!

Thank you for trusting me in this process.

The next few days you'll receive a sketch together with a customized budget.

Wait, another questionnaire?

This second questionnaire is a complement from the first one and has been made for those couples who don't have an specific idea for their rings' design.

Do you want a unique pair of wedding bands but you don't even know where to start? Do you like a lot of different designs but none convinces you? You've come to the right place!

The next question compendium is a collection of thoughts that helps me to get to know a person so I can make a design that will fit you as is it were made by a friend. A unique design based on who you are and made for you only.

This is why, please just answer with ease and confidence. Look each other in the eyes and get comfortable. Take this moment to enjoy a nice time with your partner. The objective of this second questionnaire is for you to spend some minutes together speaking about yourselves so I can observe how you are and what you like. Think of it as having coffee and breakfast together but from the comfortableness of your own couch. You can each answer with a different colour or write a common answer.

If you've got different opinions, you can answer each response. And if you don't like that question or you just don't know what to answer, that's alright! Just skip it, this is not a test! There are no wrong answers nor loo long or too short.

Let's get into movies! (And now that we're on it, any recommendations?)

And now, getting to the point:

Dear single person who wants to end their singleness!

This is a questionnaire made to get to know you and your partner a little bit so I can make the ideal design for your proposal. I want you to get that YES bigger than a mountain!

Don't be nervous, there's no definitive design until you've given your final approval.

A side from the questionnaire, I'll also ask for you to send me a picture of your beloved or of you both. This picture will help me get inspired so I can create the perfect ring for them!

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